Welcome to the adventures of your favorite crazy crushing cartoon band, Blink Kitty Love. Tinker, Tammy, TK and Ty have a way of finding the ridiculous in most situations while retaining their individual quirks. I created Blink Kitty Love originally as an animated homage to my favorite cartoons -- Josie and The Pussycats, Scooby Doo, but it has transformed to a comic and I'm finding it works better in that format. I post once a week here, on Tuesday nights, during my summer busy season.

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May I just say, coming from someone who loves Settlers of Catan, I'm happy to be included in the same write-up as the game, any day.


Thanks for my flying french fries and the good wishes. It's been an exciting 2011 so far. Now, if they would only build a 5 Guys on my street, my life would be complete.

Michelle Denise Norton

Hi Jaden, Settlers of Catan is pretty amazing. We have marathons whenever family visits. I'll happily wear my Ewe Boat shirt next time.

Kristyn, glad you're having an exciting year. And yes, 5 Guys less than 5 minutes away is a really handy thing -- not that I'd gloat or anything ; )

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